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by:SKP     2020-01-26
In another year's dog days and hot summer days, not only is the weather hot and dry, but people's mood is also very agitated. The restless mood cannot last too long. If it is too long, it is not good for their organs, so we have to find a way to change this situation. Most people will choose to go out, but where can they go when they go out? I don't want to go too far. I only have to take a walk in the park and Square near my home with my children. At present, the amusement equipment in the square and the park cannot be separated. Almost as long as there are people, there will be amusement equipment. Why is this? Because children's amusement equipment, the most popular investment project at present, has low cost, high income, fast return to capital and no arrears. On-site checkout. The time is random and the venue is random. Guangzhou Haibei amusement company's new product came in 2019. His name is 'Colorful Little Dragon Man'. This Little Dragon Man uses 2 20A super power batteries, 350W brushless large motors, and has a long running time, the horsepower is large, the motor sound is small, the bearing capacity is large, and the load capacity is 300 KG. The size is 165*87*150. This little dragon man is full of light, super power, luxurious double seat, spacious and comfortable, enhances parent-child interaction, enhances parent-child feelings, and is a good companion for children's growth. The car adopts remote control and dual-use starting mode of keys, which is simple to operate and convenient to use. The car is equipped with laser lights, ground lights, LED lights with luxury lights such as Hot Wheels, making your car a dazzling star in the square at night. Thickened chassis, guaranteed quality, sufficient steel frame casting materials, large load bearing and reasonable structure. Humanized steering wheel design allows you to control the direction at will. Backrest design gives you a more comfortable driving experience. Anti-collision tires, anti-collision and anti-fall, long service life. The power display screen shows the power at a glance, starts with one key, and is easy to operate. We are the descendants of the dragon. This Little Dragon Man simulates the shape of the Dragon. It is novel and unique, high-end atmosphere, eye-catching, and has a good meaning. The Boss Who Is Fancy should place an order quickly. We have our own after-sales service, make sure you have no worries after sales, hurry up and buy it, the descendant of the Dragon. Although the children can't sit on the real dragon. But they can sit on our colorful Little Dragon.
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