The difference between a combined slide and an ordinary slide- Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-19
Where we take our children out to play, there are children's slides in many places. They look like high and short, big and small, with different shapes, in fact, these are mainly due to the different types of children's slides. There are generally many components of the combined slide, such as door opening, bridge crossing, sliding tube, top, ladder climbing, armrest, Platen, upright post, climbing pipe, rope net, etc. , and the design is novel, the material is environmentally friendly, the color is full and bright, and the children's amusement facilities that many children like can better promote children's physical exercise and bring more happy experience to children. Ordinary slides are generally simple in shape, and the components include platen, stairs, handrails, sliding tubes and other parts. The color is relatively single and the occupied area is relatively small. In the combination slide, children can promote the development of various organs of children, such as climbing, exercising muscles and bones, improving balance, touching components of different materials, and improving tactile sensitivity. Children who often play slides can increase their control over the body, keep fit and learn to communicate. How to choose a children's slide?
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