The emerging industry of the Plaza amusement business has great development potential, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-02
With the development of economy, people's spiritual life is getting better and better, so playing is becoming more and more exquisite, and the following amusement equipment is also becoming more and more exquisite. The amusement equipment industry has also been popular in the market for a long time. Various kinds of amusement equipment emerge one after another and are also well known by the market. However, with different times, the products of amusement equipment are also different, in the past, classic amusement equipment such as Carousel, track train, inflatable slide, inflatable Fort, water park, etc. have long been everywhere, and it is difficult to attract people's attention, especially children's attention, so the problem is coming, what are the most popular new types of amusement equipment at present, and how should the direction of the amusement equipment go? Next, the editor summarizes several types of amusement equipment for your reference. 1. Battery bumper cars are 'old' Amusement Equipment. From the previous Skynet bumper cars to the ground Net bumper cars, no matter from the choice of venues to the cost investment, they are very large, moreover, the design standards of the venue are very strict, and the average investor may be discouraged. In addition, Skynet bumper cars and ground Net bumper cars all need to be exposed to power supply, and sometimes even Sparks emerge. Many gamers are worried about safety problems and do not play. As a result, battery bumper cars are popular. Battery bumper cars, as the name implies, are equipped with batteries/batteries for each bumper car. They do not need to contact power supply, are very safe, and are suitable for a wide range of venues, such as squares, residential areas, scenic spots, amusement parks, etc, on behalf of the Guangzhou SKP company, the tank bumper car series, bumper car, motorboat series, etc. 2. Entertainment motorcycles, motorcycles are popular among people because of their convenience and quickness, so the development of motorcycles into amusement equipment is of course very popular among children. Similarly, motorcycle amusement equipment is also powered by battery/battery alone, with various design shapes. For example, the Prince motorcycle Mars chariot of Guangzhou SKP company is a good choice for entertainment motorcycles.
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