The favorite of the children in the Square-----Royal carriage, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-04
With the development of the market, many cars in the square that are backward in style and not good in shape are gradually eliminated. They are more suitable for squares and amusement parks and are more popular with everyone, children like it, the lighting effect is good at night, the requirements of the square amusement park for the car are not simple fun, not only fun, good-looking, cute and interesting, can attract children to like, secondly, the configuration is more high-end, the quality and after-sales can keep up, in order to have a market. In response to market demand, our company has now launched a children's toy car that can be used for both ice and land-The royal carriage. It can drive on the ice as usual, without any site restrictions, can sit two adults and two children, with a maximum load of 400G, and has radar anti-collision function, and can automatically brake when encountering obstacles in front, it is a relatively high-end car, made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, steel frame structure, pneumatic tires, 4 pieces of 20-inch ultra-high battery, 48 pairs of 500-watt ultra-large brushless motors, 100 speed music can be freely exchanged, with colorful cool lights. Once launched, it is liked by new and old customers in the square. It is also the best choice for many operators or investors. Welcome to the factory to call, visit the guidance contact number 15690670168
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