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by:SKP     2020-02-07
Now the children are very happy, there are many places to play, then we should know more about this knowledge. For example, the safety knowledge of scenic spots, because there are many scenic spots with children's parks. Then let's take a look at the matters needing attention when children play inflatable castles. 1. When children play with large inflatable toys such as inflatable castles, they must be taken care of by their parents, because children are very small after all, and sometimes they forget themselves in the process of playing, if you jump on the edge of the inflatable castle, it is likely to jump outside the inflatable castle, causing damage. Parents can remind the child at the right time to protect the child's safety. 2. When children enter the inflatable castle, it is best not to carry sharp objects, such as not hanging keychains on the neck, because after entering the inflatable castle, children like to jump, when jumping, it is inevitable to fall down. After falling down, the key chain on the neck can easily cause damage to the child, such as the key will hurt the child's eyes or face. 3. After entering the inflatable castle, it is better for children not to jump while eating, because when eating, the food they are eating will probably enter the trachea, blocking the trachea and causing foreign bodies in the trachea, if the treatment is not timely, it may cause suffocation in children. 4. After entering the inflatable castle, children should pay attention to hygiene. If they do not pay attention to hygiene, after some dirty things pollute the inflatable castle, bacteria will breed and affect the health of themselves and other children. In addition, if a child suffers from heart disease and other diseases, it is best not to let the child enter the inflatable castle, because children with heart disease had better avoid strenuous exercise. 5. Some parents usually buy inflatable toys when buying toys for their children. When parents buy inflatable toys for their children, it is best to buy regular manufacturers, because inflatable toys are generally plastic products, buy regular manufacturers, the quality of the products is more guaranteed, and the safety of children is more guaranteed. 6. Inflatable toys are made of plastic and have certain toxicity. There are some small inflatable toys. Before children play, parents must disinfect them to kill bacteria and viruses on the inflatable toys, and when children play with inflatable toys, parents must be on the sidelines, because the child is likely to put the inflatable toy in the mouth, when not paying attention, it is possible that small inflatable toys will block the child's trachea, causing suffocation. For more information about the castle, please consult Guangzhou Haibei sales: Xiao Yang 18937803869 or scan the QR code above the picture to add me! Tips 1. In order to ensure that the large inflatable castle can reach the normal service life, when you start playing, you should not let too many children play, generally can accommodate 3 m² children; 2. Evacuate children on the castle in time according to weather changes (Especially windy or thunderstorm weather)Be sure to be safe first; 3. Before using, check whether the castle is fixed (Sandbags, stone piers, ground nails, etc) And make sure that there are no sharp things or objects around the inflatable castle or on the ground to avoid puncturing; 4. When entering a large inflatable castle to play, first take off your shoes and enter the venue, pay attention to the hygiene of the venue to avoid damage; 5. Do not eat any food in the venue of a large inflatable castle, so as not to cause food to get stuck in the throat or food to enter the nasal cavity when playing bouncing waves; 6. It is forbidden to carry any sharp objects of hard materials such as metal into the venue to avoid stabbing yourself or others while playing; 7. Do not play at the edge of the large inflatable castle site or jump outward to avoid accidents that jump out of the site;   8, suitable for 3 ~ Children under the age of 12 play, while children under the age of 8 need to play with their parents. For patients with heart disease or heart and brain diseases, play moderately and do not take too long to avoid recurrence; 9. After the operation is over, carefully check whether there are children left behind to avoid omissions and then put them away.
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