The future direction of indoor naughty Fort- Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-21
With the popularization of large shopping malls, the development of children's paradise is also more and more rapid. Among them, the more popular one is the indoor naughty Castle, which adds more fun to children; But the equipments in many indoor naughty castles are similar, or they still use the traditional theme elements of naughty castles; Innovation is always an important element that an industry, an enterprise and even a paradise can last for a long time. Only in this way can the innovation of a paradise continue to develop. The age orientation of the customer group is gradually blurred, and most of the current parks are already played by children and adults. Therefore, the center of the children's paradise should focus on the growth of children and the experience of parents. More and more children's naughty Castle park will introduce parents to participate in children's entertainment, improve parents' participation, complete parent-child interaction, and add adult recreation ratio, extend the customer group to people who are no longer young. The large-scale theme park and the developers constitute the form of brand collaboration, the large-scale animation theme concept store, the extension amusement, wholesale, catering, experience and other comprehensive children's formats, and can form a brand collaboration form with the developers. According to the space and commercial positioning requirements of the shopping center, this kind of large children's naughty Castle Park is tailored, which is also the main development model of the children's theme park in the future. Cool sports, expansion, exploration and other novel theme experience projects emerge in endlessly; More and more parents hope that their children will be more lively, try new things and challenge, and let their children participate in more sports and inquiry projects. At the same time, large shopping malls introduce indoor children's expansion. On the one hand, the inquiry Experience Hall can meet the needs of the customer base to attract passenger flow, on the other hand, it can also provide a diversified entertainment venue for children. Today's children's naughty Castle Park has become more and more humanized in its planning and design orientation. In the past, it only had fun, but later it realized education and fun, and now it has cultivated children's temperament and improved their physical quality . . . . . . The Paradise is not only an amusement center, but has gradually become an educational place other than home and study.
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