The general trend is to add lbe vr experience hall in Paris-Industry information- Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-22
As a general trend, the new lbe vr experience hall in Paris focuses on 'location-based entertainment (Location- based entertainment) 'The number of entertainment venues is increasing, especially in the VR field-- There is only a small experience space to show this popular technology. Recently, the ILLUCITY virtual reality experience museum in Paris, France opened, bringing the latest immersive experience. ILLUCITY covers an area of 1,000 m² square meters and aims to create a unique entertainment venue; The museum features four high-end VR experiences: surreal space, VR chamber escape, VR arcade and VR movies. There are more than 20 video games in the venue to meet 33 players at one time, and the equipment used is quite high-end, such as HTC Vive Pro head Display, whole body monitoring and tracking system, HTC Vive handle, msi vr- One and hp z vr backpack computer, Bhaptics VR vest, D- Box motion seat and Onirix swivel seat. Unpowered amusement Equipment, Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment Co. , Ltd group. (The above content is taken from you Lezhi)
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