The golden artifact of the holiday Square--Inflatable Castle, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-03
The holiday is the hottest time for the children's amusement industry, and the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day are coming one after another. One holiday is three days and the other is seven days, this adds up to the ten-day long holiday, which allows many operators to prepare for a big profit. After all, the income of these ten days can be three times the daily income. Therefore, in the face of these two golden holidays, it is definitely the best time to operate an inflatable castle. Inflatable castles have been very common in the market in recent years, but they are still deeply loved by consumers. And on holidays, the popularity is even more popular. Compared with other business projects, inflatable castle is extremely safe to invest, because it has less investment in the early stage and only needs to buy an inflatable castle to operate without spending a lot of time and money on planning. Moreover, it is flexible and simple to operate. It can make money all the year round. Investors can choose the location to operate at will. Another advantage of inflatable castles is safety. Operators only need to follow the precautions and do not operate in extreme weather. They usually take care of the equipment and pay more attention to the business, then there will never be any potential safety hazard. There is no problem in operating a year 35. Therefore, when the festive season strikes, the opportunity does not wait for others. The bosses who want to buy inflatable castles need to step up their time. After all, it takes a while to buy equipment and production. Now it is just the right time to start, when the holiday comes, you will be able to earn a lot.
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