The hippocampus bumper car on the Hengyang square in Hunan province is very cool, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-11
Product: hippocampus Beibei configuration: 2 32A super power batteries, 350W brushless motor, Endurance 6- 8 hours, bearing weight: 150KG play: start the machine by swiping the card or remote control, and lightly step on the foot switch of the right foot to drive. Release the foot switch and the machine stops driving. The steering wheel can control the driving direction of the machine, with flexible operation and sensitive driving. Material: it is made of impact-resistant and impact-resistant rotational plastic material. The machine and the machine no longer have to worry about collision. After-sales: We have a special after-sales department responsible for the after-sales of the machine. If your machine has a problem, you can call our after-sales service. We know by phone which accessory has a problem, we will send you the good accessories, you will send the bad accessories, we will teach you how to install them after the sale, generally the after-sales problems of our machines are still relatively small. In order to meet the needs of small and medium-sized investors, the battery bumper car launched in recent years, also called battery bumper car, also has a certain market. It has the characteristics of small investment and convenient movement. At the same time, the collision effect will not be significantly different, and it also meets the needs of some small and medium-sized cities. As its use is more troublesome, it also brings some resistance to its promotion. Bumper cars are recognized as the 'King of amusement equipment' in amusement parks because of their playability, safety and integration. Some tourists see others playing bumper cars with good skills, the bumper cars that collide with other tourists everywhere can't be played by themselves. Only when they are hit by others can they be controlled with ease? The appearance of the seahorse Beibei bumper car in the parent-child seat is seahorse shape, vivid image, cool light, Shell is rotational plastic, collision-resistant and wear-resistant, adding more affection, 4 45A super-power batteries, the battery life is 6- 8 hours, appearance size: 158x 80x 145, indoor and outdoor Electric children's play equipment, suitable for placement, shopping malls, amusement parks, plazas, parks, leisure and tourism resorts children's batteries seahorse Beibei bumper car is an environment-friendly amusement equipment developed and produced by Guangzhou SKP company Amusement Equipment Co. , Ltd, the high-power large-capacity battery is used to provide energy and environmental protection while ensuring sufficient power. The charging side has a long endurance and is not limited by the site during operation. The site can be operated flat, in addition, a variety of appearance models for customers to choose are deeply loved by customers, and are a rare amusement equipment for customers in indoor and outdoor venues.
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