The impact of electronic products on children, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-10
With the continuous development of production technology, some electronic products such as smart phones, computers and iPads are popular nowadays. Not only adults have become loyal fans of these products, even the children began to fall in love with these devices for watching cartoons, playing games, etc. Electronic products not only affect the baby's vision, but also affect the development of the baby's athletic ability, which is conducive to the cultivation of the baby's language ability. So how to keep your baby away from electronic products? Parents are role models in children's life. If parents themselves often use electronic products for a long time in front of their children, this will not only provide children with the opportunity to contact electronic products, it will also prompt children to learn from their parents' bad practices, and it will be even harder to correct them when habits are formed. Parents should have an agreement with their children, such as how long they can only watch TV every day, how long they must take a break after watching it, and then urge their children to implement it in strict accordance with this regulation. Because the child does not know how to control, if the baby has to watch it after watching it, the parent can cancel a thing he especially wants to do as a punishment, so that the child can consciously stay away from electronic products. Parents can prepare more children's toys for their babies at home, especially some toys that can be used for group games, such as building blocks, encyclopedia books, etc. , to encourage the baby to invite other children to play together, this can not only cultivate their social skills, but also cultivate the baby's sense of sharing and cooperation, which is greatly beneficial to the child's future development. In addition to encouraging the baby to play with the children, parents can also do more parent-child activities with the baby to reduce the time for the baby to contact with electronic products. For example, I often read interesting books with my baby, play games with toys, or take my baby out for a trip, etc. , which not only keeps my baby away from electronic products, but also helps to establish a warm and harmonious parent-child relationship.
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