The importance of maintaining a good playground environment for children- Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-24
Today, many parents like to take their children to the children's playground, but they have no way of knowing the health of the play facilities. Recently, some citizens have reported to this newspaper that there are no disinfection facilities in some children's playgrounds in the city, and the health situation is worrying. At the same time, some parents distributed a question, whether the relevant part of the health of the children's playground is supervised. According to the performance of the industry staff, after the opening of the business every night, all the equipment will be wiped with a clean agent with disinfection effect, while the children's amusement equipment will be scrubbed once a week. The staff will scrub all the equipment with disinfectant every day to ensure hygiene. Relevant parts should focus on consolidating environmental health monitoring and law enforcement, and do a good job in monitoring the sanitation of public facilities in young children's amusement parks. At the same time, young children's amusement parks should maintain smooth air, it is also necessary to regularly use chlorine-containing disinfection products to clean the facilities. The staff should also quickly advise parents not to bring children who are sick to the playground. Regarding the health supervision of the equipment in the children's playground, the person in charge of the three departments of the municipal health surveillance explained that the children's playground is a cultural and entertainment venue and complies with the relevant regulations of the public venue health management regulations, the children's playground needs to hold a health permit to implement the opening campaign. At the same time, its employees need to hold a health certificate. Fang Jin, law enforcement officers can only test indoor air according to law, and clean and disinfect the amusement equipment, the country has not issued a related rule. Fang Jin can only rely on industry self-discipline. For more information, please pay attention to our wechat public number.
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