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by:SKP     2020-01-28
Attention should be paid to the purchase of large inflatable toys for inflatable trampoline: trampoline and inflatable trampoline should first look at the anti-fouling and environment-friendly high-strength fine-woven PVC coating of the fabric, I . e. composed of high-strength polyester warp and weft weaving and double-sided PVC coating, and repeatedly strengthen the characteristics requirements: low toxicity, flame retardant, strong fracture resistance, strong tear resistance, ultraviolet resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, gelation performance (No delamination after soaking with ethyl acetate for 10 minutes)The temperature is suitable for minus 40 degrees Celsius-- 40 degrees Celsius, inflatable trampoline technology and beautification to meet the following requirements: Printing, Inkjet (1) Printing Materials: advanced nylon ink technical requirements: green and environmental protection standards, bright colors, strong adhesion, ultraviolet radiation for five years does not fade (2) Spray painting: high-density fine spray painting is applied to the airtight cloth and is made according to the patterns provided by customers or suitable for the overall design of the castle. Product Technology: a. Product appearance: The body is full and beautiful, the arc is natural, the paste is flat, the angle is symmetrical, the basic is correct, the clean and clean corner needs to be reinforced. B. Stitching: The open thread and live thread of the product adopt silk thread, cotton thread and polyester thread, and are mainly stitched by Seiko double-needle car. Local high-frequency heat sealing process is adopted to reduce air leakage. c. Suture stitches: the upper and lower lines and the inner and outer lines are matched, the stitches are straight, the needle spacing is consistent, and the seams are double lines or three lines. d. Air outlet: three protection devices are adopted, with buffer and air-keeping tablets inside. e. All products are sewn in three lines, and protective strips are attached to the seams on the air cushion, as well as a series of safety protection problems such as windproof nose, finally, there must be a perfect after-sales service to ensure that problems encountered in the operation can be solved in a timely manner. Related links: inflatable battery car cover children's inflatable battery car robot pedal inflatable trampoline slide
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