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by:SKP     2020-02-04
The key to operating amusement equipment many investors have also called the hotline to ask questions about the spot. I have to say that the market development of the amusement industry in the past two years is really good. With the help of the opening of the domestic two-child policy, to a large extent, it has expanded the market share of children's play. For investors, it is not difficult to find that every time the peak period of children's amusement business is over, there will inevitably be some problems in the park due to the busyness of this event, in this case, how do we solve it? I believe that it is needless to say that everyone can imagine that children's amusement equipment will inevitably be overloaded during the peak period of operation, and the damage of electronic components will be caused by weather and operation, therefore, the equipment should be maintained and maintained after the daily business ends, thus bringing better experience to tourists. How can we develop new customers into our own old customers? Adjust the equipment of the site after the operation in the peak season, and have to admit that everything will have visual fatigue. After a period of operation, the location will be re-and reasonably divided, thus giving people a refreshing feeling. The second is to replace the incomplete labels and expired advertisements of the venue after the daily peak season operation, so as to facilitate tourists to see the current activities. The third is to investigate and overhaul the circuit safety hazards of children's amusement equipment, and find out the problems in time to ensure the safety of tourists. The fourth is to increase or decrease the equipment according to the park's revenue and related data report analysis. Here, attention should be paid to the service life of the equipment and adjustments should be made according to the actual use. The fifth is to pay attention to the working attitude of employees. During the peak period of operation, the work intensity and time of employees should be longer. Employees should be comforted and rewarded to prepare for the next peak operation. Pay attention to the above problems, your amusement park will not be easy to make mistakes in the peak season, and it will bring visitors a sense of experience. In the eyes of the operators, it is also very important to choose the amusement items that suit them. Only by selecting equipment according to the local consumer groups and abilities can greater economic value be created. Guangzhou SKP company starts with children's amusement equipment and focuses on providing one-stop services for customers. Red Wolf http://www . haibeiyoule. com/2018/chongqidianpingche_1023/530. html
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