The material of the naughty Fort channel- Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-20
Nowadays, children's naughty castles often appear in shopping malls. Do you know the materials of children's naughty castles? How to Design children's naughty Fort lighting better? Material of children's naughty Fort passage: First of all, naughty fort playground needs a lot of materials and parts. For example, the column plays a very good supporting role for the whole playground. If the quality of the column does not pass, it will affect the role of the entire playground. Generally speaking, galvanized steel pipes are used for upright posts, which is mainly related to the thickness and strength of the pipes. Secondly, children's naughty Fort equipment is the plastic parts selected. Generally speaking, its plastic parts are made of special materials through rotational molding. Moreover, the color is also very gorgeous, especially the antistatic ability is also very strong. And there is a particularly good feature, then it is safe and environmentally friendly. This is also a very important reason why many manufacturers choose it as a material for the naughty Fort channel. In addition, the soft bag is also a kind of material used in the naughty Castle. Generally speaking, it is made of high-strength wood. The soft bag has the characteristics of good waterproof, flame retardant, ultraviolet resistance, etc.
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