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by:SKP     2020-01-30
The new year's heavy pollution process affects Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas. On the evening of the 30th, the Ministry of Environmental Protection informed the media that according to preliminary statistics, up to now, including Shijiazhuang, Baoding and Langfang in Hebei province, Guangzhou, Hebi and Anyang in Guangzhou province, 24 cities such as Jinan, Dezhou and Liaocheng in Shandong province have launched red warnings for heavy pollution; 21 cities including Beijing and Tianjin have launched Orange warnings; Another 16 cities launched yellow warnings. According to the forecast of the China National Environmental Monitoring Station, from December 29-20, 2016 to January 5, due to adverse meteorological conditions, a regional heavy pollution weather process will occur in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and surrounding areas, the scope of influence includes Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Guangzhou and other places. During this period, affected by the weak cold air in the north, the pollution situation in the northern cities of Beijing, Tianjin and other Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei regions will improve all day on January 2, but the overall pollution process will last until 5 days. It is expected that from January 5, affected by a new round of cold air, the pollution situation is expected to gradually ease from north to south. It is understood that the 10 inspection teams dispatched by the Ministry of Environmental Protection have all been in place to carry out work, focusing on the implementation of measures to stop production of key industrial enterprises. By checking the online monitoring data of enterprises and changes in electricity consumption, key illegal sewage industry enterprises are locked, and satellite remote sensing data are used to determine key areas with high emissions. In addition, enterprises that have not implemented the measures to stop production and limit production as required will be strictly investigated and the illegal discharge of pollutants by 'small scattered pollution' enterprises. At the same time, the Ministry of Environmental Protection will also use remote monitoring methods to detect abnormal data such as exceeding the standard in time through online monitoring platforms at 1239 monitoring points of 2370 'elevated source' enterprises in the region, in the first time, the local environmental protection department issued a supervision order to investigate and deal with illegal activities. Relevant reports there is moderate haze in Beijing today. The Beijing Meteorological Observatory released at 9 o'clock: today there is moderate haze in the daytime, local severe haze, north to south wind level 2 or so, the highest temperature is 4℃; There are moderate to severe haze at night, fog in plain areas, winds of grade 1 and 2 from south to north, and the lowest temperature-5 ° C. New Year's Day small holiday high-speed don't free, Beijing, 8 light high-speed flow increase 2017 New Year's Day small holiday will from today to January 2, 2017, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Management Bureau remind high-speed highway don't free line. In addition, affected by unfavorable diffusion conditions, from December 30-20, 2016 to January 5, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas will again experience heavy air pollution for more than 4 days. The municipal traffic management bureau predicts that during the holiday period, due to the weather, the number of vehicles on the expressway in the northern region has increased, and the Southern Expressway is prone to be closed due to foggy weather; Traffic to suburban resorts, ski resorts, scenic spots, and national roads will increase significantly. Affected by the heavy fog, many high-speed closures in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region are affected by the fog. The Jingping Expressway is closed from wugezhuang to Xiagezhuang, and the Da-Guang Expressway is closed from tiangongyuan to the city boundary, beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway is closed from Liuli River to city boundary, Beijing-Kunming Expressway is closed from Zhangfang to city boundary, Beijing-Taiwan Expressway is closed from Qingyundian to city boundary, Beijing-Shanghai Expressway is closed from dayangfang to city boundary, and Beijing-Harbin expressway is closed from Bailu to city boundary, beijing-Tianjin expressway Taihu to Yongle store is closed from Beijing. At present, all expressways in Tianjin are closed by fog. At present, most of the high-speed stations in Hebei province are closed due to fog. Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Hengshui, Zhangzhou, Xingtai, Handan, Langfang, Qinhuangdao, Tangshan area Expressway closed, Zhangjiakou area closed Zhangshi Expressway Yuxian section and Zhangyu Expressway. Only the high-speed traffic in Chengde district is normal in the province. According to the @ Hebei high-speed traffic police traffic report, friends who go to Hebei, please note: At present, from Beijing to Hebei, you can only take the Beijing-New Expressway, the Beijing-Tibet Expressway to Zhangjiakou or the Beijing-Chengde Expressway to Chengde; When Shanxi comes to Hebei, it can only take Xuanda Expressway to Zhangjiakou; From the direction of Shandong and Tianjin, it is temporarily impossible to enter Hebei! Extended reading recently, with the frequent smog weather this winter, some rumors have also risen. What is the truth? The Legal Evening News learned from the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau on the evening of the 30th that in response to the misunderstanding of the haze problem by individual media and some public this year, in order to respond to social concerns and guide scientific cognition, the publicity and education center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Beijing Environmental Protection Publicity Center jointly exposed the 'top ten smog rumors of 2016' and refuted the rumors. Related links: inflatable battery car cover children's inflatable battery car robot pedal inflatable trampoline slide
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