The off-season is not light, the parent-child amusement equipment is quietly popular, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-14
Since entering the winter, parent-child amusement equipment such as parent-child bumper cars, small trains, etc. have continued to sell well. Some indoor playgrounds are popular every day, and many parents have brought their children here, let the children play and enjoy the parent-child holiday. When the amusement staff of SKP company paid a return visit to customers in a Amusement Park in Jinan, they learned that the simulated driving school and bumper car area here are now surrounded by parents and children, many children just came down from an amusement project and rushed to the next project, playing with great interest. In the children's playground on the third floor of the shopping mall, the parents and children who come here to play are more and more flowing. According to the operators of the playground, there are many children who come to visit since the winter, therefore, the playground has been completely redecorated and the amusement equipment has been reopened. Some parents at the scene told the staff that they usually work very busy. The children are basically helped by their parents. They take the children to the playground to play once during the holidays, making up for the lack of time to accompany the children. It is enough to play with the children in the playground, and the whole family can go to see a movie nearby and enjoy the valuable holiday time. Many families are watching the children together.
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