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by:SKP     2020-02-16
The robot pedal car is a kind of walking children's amusement equipment for people to ride. Put beautiful clothes on the robot and use the storage battery as energy source. The robot can walk continuously for more than 5 hours by charging one time; The walking style and appearance of the robot are the same as those of a real person. Depending on the model, the load is less than 200. The walking of the bicycle robot places an electric mechanical device as a walking device to simulate human cycling. The steering mechanism of the robot uses the steering wheel to control the steering of the walking machine through the wire rope. Since the steering wheel controls the direction of the car through rotation, the operation is very convenient and the design is more reasonable.     1. Maximum timing 1-30 minutes;     2. The Music Box plays pop music, full of personalization;     3. Flash red and blue alternate to attract popularity;     4. The emergency stop switch is installed next to the armrest and is especially convenient to use;     5. Rated voltage 12V rated power 150W (Bearing less than 200). 6. Remote control start stop hair-trigger. There are pleasant goat series, bears, handsome guys, beautiful women, pigs and so on. Our company supplies robot pedaling from stock, and there are many discounts for buying. Guangzhou SKP company Amusement Equipment Co. , Ltd. is the first choice for buying amusement equipment, which is sold directly at ex-factory price, professional technicians provide you with perfect links related to after-sales service: Robot Pedal Car, inflatable battery car, plush animal car, flying saucer bumper car.
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