The quality of bumper cars bought is not good, and Xiong Haizi has broken it. Xiao Bian told you about this factory and industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-01-31
When we choose bumper cars, it is very important to pay attention to the anti-collision strip and the car shell. In order to save costs, some bumper car manufacturers choose cheap foam anti-collision strips, and the glass rigid shell is also the cheapest one, it takes no more than half a year for the rain forest to blow outside for a long time. The use of foam for anti-collision strips is even more horrible. In the use of no more than one month, all the traces of potholes appear, making people feel that the things they just bought are old, you have to ask the customer to replace the anti-collision strip with a new one before you can use it. The selected bumper car manufacturers have regular manufacturers with business licenses, patents and other relevant certificates, and pay attention to the quality of bumper cars and after-sales service hotline 18937803869 Xiao Yang needs to consider which one to choose before buying a bumper car in the square? In the square, intelligence can only take one person to walk slowly, with little power, but the price is cheap. Buy an enhanced square bumper car with extra long seats, and you can take one adult and one child at the same time, you can also ride two adults at the same time, with a load capacity of 150 and a battery life of up to 5- In about 6 hours, most customers choose and buy enhanced square cars with high cost performance. Square bumper cars focus on Square amusement facilities, because most children are riding in the square, for the sake of the baby's safety and to deepen the relationship between parents and children, the baby will choose to ride with the child. The baby will snuggle beside the mother. The mother will hold the steering wheel and drive the bumper car back and forth freely, what a wonderful thing to listen to pleasant songs together. Most parents are busy with their work and have no time to take care of their children. It is rare to take their children to the square to play on weekends, of course, I hope that I can ride with my child, and it can be favored by the majority of parents. If a bumper car can only be used for the child to ride alone, the parents are not at ease, afraid that the child will suddenly come down when riding, or when other bumper cars collide, they will meet children, and second, they also want to play with their children, so most parents will still prefer to choose parent-child enhanced children's square bumper cars.
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