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by:SKP     2020-02-09
Guangzhou SKP company amusement park Equipment Co. , Ltd. is a company specialized in children's inflatable battery car, UFO bumper car, robot pedal car, inflatable trampoline, royal carriage, tractor, phantom war boat, support pool, steel frame bungee jumping, Beach car, plush enterprises specializing in the production and processing of animal vehicles and other products, with complete and scientific quality management system, advanced production equipment, first-class technical service and perfect after-sales service, it has always won high praise from customers. The company is based on honesty, the business philosophy of quality and production, innovation and development, step by step, steadily moving forward. Based on the basic principle of customer satisfaction: 'satisfaction of product quality, satisfaction of advanced technology and satisfaction of after-sales service', the company continuously strengthens the comprehensive competitiveness within the enterprise, the company seeks development in competition and opportunities in challenges. I believe our company will provide you with high-quality and advanced products. I believe our company will provide you with advanced technology and perfect after-sales service. Hard-working and sincere of we may and you go hand in hand, create brilliant five zero 9318 six five three three she or said adhere to to the courage to try to accept new of is modern social must be to have quality, otherwise, I don't know how to make money. It is precisely because her friend shared this micro-signal 15238646077 with her that she easily earned 100,000 in a few short months, earning an average of more than 10 thousand per month, at the highest time, she earned more than 20 thousand yuan a month. Now her dream is to buy a big house of 150 square meters in her hometown. . She said that it was not difficult at all. Anyone could do it. The initial investment was only 10 yuan, one or two bottles of water and one pack of cigarettes; Just because many people did not put these small things in their eyes, so they missed the opportunity. The old man always said that you see, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The product features of the royal carriage are as follows. First of all, from the appearance, the color is bright and eye-catching. It uses cool neon lights: High-reflective neon lights, dazzling colors at night, love the children's love, you can download and replace pop music, the sound is crisp and sweet, attracting children's eyes. With Super load-bearing capacity, the load-bearing limit of the car can reach 450, and you can sit for 2 adults and 2 children. You can use four 20A durable batteries of Chaowei to make your car last longer, * No need to charge, the front and back of the car are equipped with radar, with anti-collision function, and automatically stop the safety upgrade when encountering obstacles. * The important thing is that the children's steering wheel has concave-convex anti-skid handles, bright colors and painted chassis, it is a special Shell car paint process that is not easy to fall off. The Display screen shows speed, timing, music, and the remaining power is intuitive. Pedal accelerator, easy to operate, sensitive and convenient, with high enclosures on both sides, safety belts, the appearance of the relief process, the effect is chic, eye-catching, the pony is vivid and lovely, with handles, children can ride a pony and hold their hands to play.
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