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by:SKP     2020-02-17
The Spring Festival is approaching, are you ready? The Spring Festival is approaching. We all know that people who work outside have to go home and reunite with everyone. The preferred place for family reunion is the playground, it can be said that this stage is the peak business season for amusement park operation, and our company has ushered in another wave of amusement equipment ordering peak. Xiao Bian told everyone this news here in the hope that everyone can seize the opportunity, do their own planning and invest in a 'fat' year. Spring Festival is the most solemn traditional festival for Chinese people. All walks of life have ushered in their own business peaks, and the amusement equipment industry is no exception. Our company has received wave after wave of customer orders, most of them are amusement park owners who supplement and update their equipment. The purpose of their doing this is to prepare for the business peak of the Spring Festival. When we asked about the business, the owner of the playground said: 'No matter what, the Spring Festival is coming, the business is definitely good! 'This tells us that it is the right time to invest in amusement equipment in the century. It is fast to catch up with the peak of passengers and return to the original. There is no need to worry about whether there are customers, people have returned home and we will be able to get twice the result with half the effort. The most popular one sold this year is the royal carriage. This equipment is also an explosive product of our company in 2019. It is sought after by amusement park owners and passengers for its retro appearance and excellent equipment stability, in addition, its low investment threshold is the first choice for amusement equipment investment. In this small series, I recommend it to everyone. I hope that the bosses will seize the business opportunities and make plans. Red Wolf http://www . haibeiyoule. com/2019/huangjiamache_0904/977. HTML
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