There are fewer people playing in indoor children's playgrounds. What are the reasons? Industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-09
Membership cards have become the main source of income for indoor children's parks in the daily operation of children's parks. Children's park operators will encourage parents to apply for membership cards through some preferential measures. We found that although some parents have applied for membership cards for their children, they seldom bring their children to spend, let alone apply for the next membership card. Such a situation is very unfavorable to long-term operation. What causes this kind of situation to happen? 1. Parents have no time. Most parents are busy with their work on weekdays, and they have little time to accompany their children. It's hard to get to the weekend, and they have to be busy with such things. This makes many parents clearly give their children a membership card, but rarely take their children to play. In response to this situation, the park can provide hosting services for some older children. When parents have something to deal with, they can temporarily put their children in the park, accompanied by the staff of the park, and pick them up after the parents have finished their work. It should be noted that the object of custody must be an older child who has a certain sense of self-protection and can accept the temporary departure of his parents. Furthermore, since hosting services are provided, there must be a sufficient number of staff with a strong sense of responsibility. 2. Poor consumption experience. The experience of parents and children in the children's park is the direct reason that directly affects whether they are willing to play again. Some parks have extremely poor sanitation; The service attitude of the staff is bad; Or the playability of amusement equipment is small and has no characteristics. These will leave a bad impression on parents and children, and it is difficult to attract them. Some parents are even willing to spend money to go to other indoor parks to have another membership card. The most important service target of the staff in the children's park is the children. The children can accept and lead the children to play games together, which is the most important consideration. It is best to have a certain talent, like children, and have the best experience in early childhood education. 3. Do not pay attention to the maintenance of customer relationships. Many children's parks do not pay special attention to customers who have already applied for membership cards. Their eyes are fixed on those money bags that have not been opened, and they forget that they should provide services to those who have paid money. In their view, parents are not afraid that they will not come since they have spent money. It is they who have spent money not to play, and the park does not lose anything.
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