There is a small problem with the square toy car. What should I do? , Industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-02
Do you know the troubleshooting method for children's recreational vehicles in the square? Let me tell you the following points: 1. I won't go for a while, stop for a while and go again. Some music won't go: The batteries have electricity or the Music Box plug is loose. After the above problems may be ruled out, it is the problem of relay control switch! It is recommended not to change the 12V and 24V gears during driving! Changing gears during driving is easy to damage the changeover switch! 2. If the battery car does not stop driving, it is caused by relay damage or short circuit of plug connection. 3. The sound of the fan is that the impeller of the fan has friction sound, just adjust the position of the fan! If this is not the case, loosen a small screw on the outside of the fan and tighten three slightly larger screws close to the fan motor! 4. The outer cover can't blow up. Because the outer cover will be checked before the factory is shipped, first check whether the air volume of the fan is normal and whether the interface connection is normal. 5. The phenomenon of puncture often occurs, and the tire will expand with heat and contract with cold due to weather changes. Do not overfill the tire when the temperature is too high. 6. In the process of running the car, the speed is relatively slow, and the belt on the motor is loose. Just tighten the big screw next to the motor to solve it. 7. Only forward or backward can check whether the reverse switch is adjusted correctly or whether the reverse switch is damaged.
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