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by:SKP     2020-02-22
Things to be considered in investing in amusement equipment the selection of amusement equipment mainly refers to the following aspects: first, the playground equipment site is selected according to the playground equipment occupied by the playground equipment. In general, some large-scale equipment is required in the park, and medium-sized amusement equipment is required in large squares. Small squares can choose some electric amusement equipment. Second, the investment situation, according to their own investment situation to choose equipment, large and medium-sized equipment is generally between 70 thousands or 80 thousands and hundreds of thousands, medium and small equipment is generally 20 thousands or 30 thousands, small electric equipment is about 10 thousand yuan. This can be chosen by yourself. Three: the competition situation depends on whether there are the same or similar amusement equipment in the surrounding area. If the competition is large, try to choose some new amusement equipment. Four: the types of amusement equipment are selected according to the types of amusement equipment. Try to match them evenly, such as machinery, inflation, electric, electronics, etc. How to operate after selecting amusement equipment? The main points are to pay attention to the following points. One: pay attention to hygiene and keep it clean. Generally, parents take their children to ride the Amusement Equipment. If the garbage is everywhere in the park and the equipment is messy, there will not be too many people playing, so clean and hygienic is the first place. Second, safety is in place, and the safety guarantee of amusement equipment must be done well to prevent accidents from affecting its own operation. The equipment must be inspected and maintained regularly. Three: Ticket setting and preferential activities, the price of tickets should be set according to the local consumption level, and at the same time, some activities can be held, such as charging card members, charging rewards, etc, if you want to open a playground, you can know how to choose the amusement equipment and how to operate the amusement equipment according to the above requirements. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the selection of amusement equipment, after all, children's safety first. Red Wolf http://www . haibeiyoule. com/2018/laohunainiupengpengche_1024/552. HTML
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