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by:SKP     2020-01-19
In the plentiful indoor children's paradise, we often have a lot of equipment. For children and parents, these devices have different interests, but for devices that are too single and do not pay much attention to experience, this will be in a very short period of time, children and parents will lose interest and enthusiasm. Therefore, in terms of equipment, the development direction is very worth exploring. Qiyuan art is here to discuss with you the future development of amusement equipment functionality. The system in the equipment, for this piece, many indoor children's park investors estimate that the investment is high, but regardless of the cost, let's first see if such a thing can be done. Increase the networking communication between devices in the park, which will lead to more Internet of Things devices. Such networking is of great benefit to the improvement of playability. You can also add some data, that is, interact with the wearable device, generate data and record it. These data can be added to the member points system, or the achievement system. After that, you can unlock or reward whatever you have achieved. Now the most is reflected in the virtual currency in the professional experience Museum. These systems should be more linked to the equipment and increase the customer's stickiness to the equipment. Manufacturing of team equipment. This kind of equipment is the equipment that organizes teams to play together. Today, when team cooperation is emphasized, this kind of equipment is of great help to cultivate children's team cooperation consciousness in the park. Generally, it will be set up in a larger venue, so that children can understand the primary social relations in such a mixed-age structural environment. In addition, it is of great help in cultivating children's EQ and IQ, and exercising children's character. Then there is the cost performance of the equipment. For manufacturers and investors, at the same price, it can meet the requirements of multi-person play at the same time, the higher the cost performance. This consideration can be taken into account when developing products and purchasing products. The amusement equipment with high cost performance can bring a more lively atmosphere to the venue and can also become a product with high life cycle for manufacturers. The most common ones are coconut trees, ball spraying machines, etc. Among these electric rotating equipment, this product is enduring and necessary for the site. It mainly depends on whether this product has always been ahead of other similar products in terms of technical maturity and cost performance. In the end, the diversification of amusement equipment cannot be accomplished by one person or an enterprise. This requires the cooperation of the industry, the brainstorming of colleagues, and joint efforts. Qiyuan art has its own factory building and has been committed to the research and development of excellent amusement equipment and the design and decoration of indoor children's amusement parks. It hopes to cooperate with the vast number of industry colleagues to create a better tomorrow for children's amusement. For more information, pay attention to Qiyuan art public number
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