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by:SKP     2020-01-30
The royal carriage is equipped with a high royal carriage with anti-collision radar. As we all know, the car with anti-collision radar is not less than 10 thousand, but the royal carriage has a special price of less than nine thousand yuan, which is such a favorable price, it can be said that the entire amusement industry cannot be found. Four pieces of 20 according to Chaowei battery, do Square Amusement Business time is a little longer know, the general amusement equipment is equipped with two batteries, with very few four batteries, in particular, there are almost no four 20 large batteries, and the royal carriage can be said to be the only one. Royal carriage family's amusement car Royal carriage length 2. , Wide and 1 high. , The car looks exquisite and atmospheric, a car can sit four people, the front pony can be two children, and the back can be two adults. In the past few years, the two-child policy was released. It is generally a pair of parents with a pair of children. It is more popular to take a four-person car. The family play together is the development trend, so adults and children will like this car. Royal carriage seats comfortable Royal carriage height 1. , The seat width is, the front pony streamlined seat is very comfortable, the royal carriage seat is 20 cm higher than other cars, this is that the person sitting on the carriage can enjoy the high scenery, and his seat is very wide. The two adults are not crowded at all, and the experience is very comfortable, we play for happiness and have a better experience. Why not choose? Royal carriage configuration table: Size: 220 ~ 100 ~ 110 mass: 150kg load: 200kg shell: reinforced glass fiber reinforced plastic, weather-resistant automotive paint. Motor: 48 sets of brushless gears high efficiency 500 watts motor controller: 3 generations of LCD 48 sets of brushless 500 watts controller battery: chaowei 20A * 4 brake: high efficiency electronic brake, stop lights when loose feet: colorful lights and neon high-profile reflective strips tires: high-efficiency wear-resistant rubber anti-burst tires color: Phnom Penh color bumper: GB 50 stainless steel tube start-up system: remote control key double start-up time setting: 1- 60 Minutes random timing anti-collision: front and back are equipped with anti-collision radar
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