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by:SKP     2020-02-17
Time flies so fast, tomorrow is Laba. Source: Guangzhou SKP company Play time: 2017-01- 04 14: 15 visits: 483 because Laba Festival is not only a traditional Chinese festival, but also an important festival of Buddhism. Since 2008, Shaolin Temple has resumed the tradition of porridge every year. The monks of the Shaolin pharmacy bureau produced the 'Shaolin Five elements Laba porridge' in strict accordance with the ancient cases of Buddhism '. The ancient medicine preserved by the Shaolin pharmacy bureau recorded the secret method of 'Shaolin Five elements Laba porridge', using glutinous rice, glutinous rice, glutinous rice, black rice, five elements beans (Red Bean, soybean, mung bean, black bean, kidney bean) , Lotus seeds, red dates, lilies, longan, medlar, yam, Hawthorn and other congee, for the Laba Festival for Buddha and monks to eat in winter meditation. The food customs of LABA are also in our country: Laba tofu. 'Laba tofu' is a folk flavor specialty in Anhui province. Before and after the Laba, every household in the county has to make tofu. The folks call this naturally baked tofu 'Laba tofu '. Emerald Jasper Laba garlic. Soaking Laba garlic is a custom in the north, especially in North China. As the name implies, it is on lunar December 8 to make garlic. In fact, the material is very simple, namely vinegar and garlic petals. The method is also extremely simple. Put the peeled garlic cloves into a container that can be sealed, such as jars and bottles, then pour vinegar, seal the upper mouth and put it in a cold place. Slowly, the garlic soaked in vinegar will turn green, and finally it will become green, like Emerald Jasper. Cook 'five beans '. Some places use Laba to cook porridge, not called 'Laba porridge', but called 'five beans', some cook on the same day of Laba, and some cook on lunar December 5, also use the face to pinch some 'Sparrow head', and rice, beans (Five kinds of beans)Cook together. It is said that the Laba people have eaten and will not harm the crops in the coming year. This kind of 'five beans' cooked is not only eaten by oneself, but also given to relatives. Every day, when you eat, you can get hot and eat it. It has been eaten until lunar December 23, symbolizing more than a year. Laba noodles. In some places in northern China that do not produce or produce less rice, people do not eat Laba porridge, but eat Laba noodles. The next day, the noodles were made of various fruits and vegetables, and the noodles were rolled out. The whole family ate Laba noodles on the morning of lunar December 8. Related links: inflatable battery car cover children's inflatable battery car robot pedal inflatable trampoline slide
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