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by:SKP     2020-02-04
As an operator of children's amusement equipment, what kind of situation do you not want to happen in the children's park? The venue, amusement equipment and personnel are all in place, but there is no guest to visit. In fact, a large part of the reason for this situation lies in the indoor children's park. There are many reasons for customers to choose a children's paradise, such as: whether there is a sense of experience, whether the equipment is novel, whether the park is safe and hygienic, and whether the service is good, etc. , and what we have to do is to satisfy customers. Below, we will provide you with some tips for operating children's play equipment: First, know yourself and know yourself, do market research during the operation period, investigate the situation analysis of at least five local competitors, it must contain two close ones. The size of the competitor's venue, equipment type, service content, target group, pricing, and promotion strategy should be well known. Then build the core competitiveness of children's amusement equipment according to each other's advantages and disadvantages. Second, staff training often hear the words of the park operators: Oh, I will not train! In fact, there is no question of whether it will be. Only if you really want to solve the problem, first of all, the staff's service attitude must be good, the customer is coming to consume, and the result is that your employee is the same as a boss, customers will definitely feel uncomfortable. Next, they can deploy from some small aspects, such as Target splitting, personnel shift, busy deployment, idle arrangement, etc. Recommended reading: Do you know how to carry out the maintenance of large amusement equipment? Third, listen to the voice of customers and make regular return visits and surveys. There is no indoor children's park that can provide a good service. After each survey, there are minor improvements in service, gradually, customer satisfaction will change greatly.
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