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by:SKP     2020-02-23
Toto Sheriff bumper car: product material: thickened and durable glass fiber reinforced plastic material weight: 200 load: 350 speed regulation mode: stepless speed regulation matching motor: W matching battery: 24V20AH/2PC (Chaowei) Battery theory usage time: 120 minutes ~ 180 minutes matching charger: 2. 8A/1P matching colored lights: 11 sets of 100/PCS matching controller: luxury intelligent controller MP3 music downloadable start mode: manual start remote control start/can add coin switch brake configuration: Electronic brake main color: red, gold green, blue, green, plum red, purple, gold tips: 1. Children under 4 years old must be accompanied by their parents. 2. Electric Bumper cars can only drive on flat ground, and uneven ground may cause damage to the motor and gearbox. Keep away from ditches, low walls and steep slopes. The load-carrying weight of an electric bumper car shall not exceed 30% of the standard load, and overloading may cause damage to the motor and gearbox. The battery must be charged with a matching special charger. Do not use a high-current fast charger for charging. High-current fast charging will cause the battery to heat and deform and accelerate the battery aging. Battery charging will be carried out when the battery volume is low, do not charge frequently. The charger must be kept away from flammable materials when charging, and keep the surrounding environment of the charger ventilated to prevent flooding. 5. The main power switch must be turned off when the electric bumper car is not used and charged for a long time to ensure that the battery power is not lost.
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