True maintenance, inflatable castle can be used for a few more years? , Industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-08
Now no matter in squares, parks, large shopping malls, inflatable castles can be seen everywhere, inflatable castles are simple and convenient to manage, maintenance, and easy to operate. In order to ensure that your equipment reaches the normal service life, you can't take part in too many children's play when starting up and playing. Generally, you can accommodate one child of three square meters on the castle, the small shape on the facility plays a decorative role and cannot be pulled and torn by children to avoid damage. When children are playing, they should not be allowed to scribble on the equipment with hard objects to avoid damage. If the equipment is damaged, the damaged part and the spare PVC can be coated with special glue. After 5 minutes of glue, it will not stick to the hand, and it will be glued and squeezed properly. It can be used in a few minutes. The air pressure on the equipment is too soft. Check if there is too much air leakage, tearing holes, or power failure. The air pressure is too hard. The air inlet of the fan should be blocked a little. If a large area is damaged due to abnormal use, the factory can provide professional maintenance services or send it back to the factory for maintenance. SKP company's amusement equipment specializes in making children's toy cars, inflatable castles, various Air models and amusement equipment for squares. It has won the 'famous trademark of Guangzhou province' and has thousands of novel styles and unique styles, products sell well all over the country and overseas, welcome new and old customers, come to consult, negotiate business, SKP company amusement, your right choice!
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