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by:SKP     2020-01-30
Trampoline can be seen everywhere in major shopping malls and parks, which is very popular with children. For businesses, proper daily use and maintenance can bring trampoline more benefits. So what should I do? 1. 10 precautions for inflatable trampoline: 1. There is gas in the trampoline, so please put it in a clean place on the ground. It is best not to have small stones and sand on the ground, avoid trampoline instability or being punctured. 2. Before use, use the fan correctly in strict accordance with the trampoline instructions, check whether the fan is loose, turn the maple leaf for odor, and check whether each part can work normally. 3. Check the total power of the fan and whether the cable lines match. If they do not match, they cannot be used normally. 4. If it is a new trampoline equipment, when it is first used, it is only necessary to tie a position of the fan Port. If it is not a new trampoline equipment, when using it, two preparations should be made to seal all the sealing Machines. This depends on the use of the equipment. 5, in strict accordance with the national regulations on safe use of electricity to operate, to use the installation of trampoline. 6. When the fan is started, it should be started in sequence at one time, not all at once. In this case, the trampoline equipment is very damaged. 7. When the trampoline is not in use, wait for the fan blade to stop for 15 minutes, then release all the gas and fold the trampoline equipment. 8. Please place the trampoline equipment in a dry and ventilated place with a storage temperature of about 45 degrees. 9. At the end, the first thing is to turn off the power first, and then unlock the fan port of the trampoline equipment. 10. Work management personnel must supervise children who play trampoline, avoid slapstick, remind parents at all times, take good care of their children, and pay attention to their own safety. Second, the top ten maintenance methods of inflatable trampoline: 1, all children's large inflatable toys are afraid of being punctured, just like our clothes, if it is rotten, the clothes are expensive, and feel awkward, the same is true of inflatable trampoline. When using trampoline, avoid sharp objects such as branches, wires, iron hooks, etc. If it is rotten, even if it is glued, it is a weak link, can't stand the blow. 2. When using the trampoline, please put it in a flat and clean place to avoid scratching the trampoline equipment. 3. Avoid too many people when using it. Under normal circumstances, a child of 3 square meters is the standard, and too many children will be bruised when playing. 4. When installing, install and check whether the fan, fan blade and other parts can work normally according to the instructions. 5, whether it is stored or used, please stay away from fireworks and firecrackers. 6. When the trampoline is not in use, it should be cleaned and dried, folded and packed with cloth. It can be washed with detergent or washing powder. 7. Do a good job of disinfection. Be sure to disinfect after washing and drying. Disinfect with 84 disinfectant. 8, pay attention to the equipment should not be damaged by insects, fan to avoid rust. 9. Please do not use inflatable trampoline in bad weather to avoid accidents with inflatable trampoline equipment and children. 10, often do not use inflatable trampoline, to regular cleaning, drying, disinfection.
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