Ways to increase the turnover of naughty Fort- Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-21
What are the ways to increase the turnover of naughty Castle? 1. Simplify complex ticket forms 2. Optimizing the internal work focuses on the direction of the venue's shopping guide, which can be upgraded from the traditional monthly salary to the performance orientation based on the interests of the shopping guide. The key direction is to locate the crowd mentioned above and expand new businesses through more channels. 3. To effectively improve the customer experience unit price, the low-cost tickets for the venue can be designed as timed tickets. Low-cost tickets are only allowed to play for one hour. In the overtime part, customers are advised to make up their tickets to increase the frequency of ticket consumption in the venue. 4. With the help of performances, to attract popularity on the premise of regular fixed points, hold different types of performances and also hold knowledge lectures with the help of performances to create a strong sports atmosphere; According to the degree of difficulty in teaching, relevant competitions are respectively carried out, and the enthusiasm of other consumers is indirectly driven by the comparison psychology of consumers. 5. Open different types of VIP customer channels and issue announcements through various channels, taking the opportunity of improving experience, only the store celebration promotion activities will be retained, and new measures to improve customer experience will be announced at the same time. Open up different types of VIP customer channels, VIP channels enjoy exclusive member rights, reduce queuing time, and receive third-party merchant discount coupons (Parking tickets, course tickets, bakery vouchers, etc)Profit method of operating children's amusement equipment
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