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by:SKP     2020-03-09
Recently, many friends are Consulting what kind of amusement equipment is needed to open an outdoor children's playground and what kind of amusement equipment is more attractive to children, there are also how to choose the venue and business model of the playground and how to charge. Today, we will share with you the Dragon amusement. Because the outdoor playground is open-air, try to choose some glass fiber reinforced plastic amusement equipment instead of plastic equipment, because plastic equipment is easy to fade after being exposed to the sun and it is not easy to repair if plastic equipment is damaged, glass fiber reinforced plastic equipment is more suitable for outdoor amusement parks because it is not affected by sunlight and rain. There are many glass fiber reinforced plastic amusement equipment, which can be divided into Rotary amusement equipment, lifting amusement equipment, electric amusement equipment, track amusement equipment, etc. according to different operation modes and functions. Therefore, in the choice of outdoor amusement park equipment, we must give consideration to all types of amusement equipment, and have a certain degree so as to attract children to play more comprehensively. Rotating class like luxury horse, Fierce Battle Shark Island, Xiaoyao jellyfish, mini flying chair and other lifting class like automatic control aircraft, flying Snoopy and other electric class like bumper car, inflatable battery car, small foreigner pull car, bungee jumping and other track types, such as track trains, mini shuttles, happy hamsters and other outdoor playgrounds, must choose equipment among these major categories, so that playgrounds can have different playing methods, more attractive to the children's eyes and love. SKP company amusement equipment company, a manufacturer specializing in the production of children's amusement equipment. Main Business: luxury royal carriages, rotating planes, bumper cars and other children's amusement equipment.
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