What are the advantages of indoor naughty Fort -? Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-21
Why is the alias of naughty castle called indoor children's paradise? What are the relevant safety knowledge of indoor naughty Castle Park? Investment naughty Fort also has to choose indoor, because it can be operated around the clock. I. Climatic factors one of the great advantages of indoor naughty Castle Children's Park over outdoor venues is its continuity, which is almost negligible due to the influence of weather factors, therefore, the indoor naughty Fort children's paradise has developed relatively rapidly. Second, the safety factor indoor naughty Fort has relatively perfect safety protection measures, and there are floor mats and soft bag specifications of relevant specifications in the industry standard, designers often focus on safety factors when designing venues, while outdoor venues are basically landscape-based. Even if safety design is fully considered, it is difficult to do everything and leave neglected places. III. Equipment reasons the naughty Castle contains many amusement equipments with high playability. Some of these amusement equipments are electric or pneumatic and cannot be installed outdoors for a long time. There are also many components of the naughty Castle, the service life in the room will be greatly prolonged.
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