What are the advantages of operating naughty Fort amusement equipment -? Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-19
With more and more children's amusement facilities and equipment, naughty Castle amusement equipment has always occupied a large market. Why can naughty Castle equipment last for a long time? What are the advantages? 1. Based on the needs of children, the drainage effect is obvious. The two-child policy is released, and the demand for family parent-child travel is very strong. The naughty Fort amusement equipment is precisely a game that takes children as the core to promote the interaction between parents and children, it advocates returning to nature and releasing children's nature, including parent-child interactive entertainment. These factors are the key to attracting families to travel around. 2. High cost performance and strong adaptability of operating conditions due to its wide application range, compared with tens of millions or hundreds of millions of power amusement equipment, the investment is relatively small. 3. Immersive entertainment experience. The entertainment time is usually relatively long. It is not equal to the experience process of roller coasters, Carousel and the like that require repeated queuing. Amusement parks are all in group mode and have rich built-in formats, it can allow children and parents to stay longer, increase the possibility of secondary consumption and tertiary consumption, and enhance the customer's stickiness to the product. Secondly, the integration of Scenario Design and Environment is high.
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