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by:SKP     2020-02-16
What are the best-selling amusement equipment in the next 2020? Inflatable inflatable car 2019 may be the year with the largest number of new amusement parks, park projects and squares, now there are many customers who come to inquire about what latest children's amusement equipment is worth investing in in the next 2020, xiao Bian is here today to share with you the list of SKP company's best-selling children's amusement equipment for your reference. For example, the royal carriage of SKP company, the high-end shape design, high-end configuration and exquisite shape of the royal carriage are all factors that attract consumers. The functions of the royal carriage products: forward, backward, adjustable speed, timing, lighting, music can be changed, motor belt drive, pneumatic tires, key remote control double control, electronic brakes. Product Configuration: 20A Chaowei battery 4 500W brushless motor material: thickened glass fiber reinforced plastic, solid wheel, product size: 210*110*110 product weight: 150 product standby: 6- 10 hours long battery life, product load: 450, the royal carriage can take two children and two adults at the same time, truly achieve the purpose of fun for parents and children, deeply loved by the general public, the year is approaching, the owner of the amusement equipment will order it quickly. As people's living standards are getting higher and higher, for ordinary families, the interest in going out to play is getting stronger and stronger. Therefore, you can see that the competition in the children's amusement market is fierce. When it comes to holidays, many children's playgrounds or parks are overcrowded. Therefore, both the old scenic spot and the new scenic spot are trying their best to seize customer resources. However, how to attract tourists and retain tourists? Abundant supporting facilities and improving consumption experience are the inevitable choices. Whether it is a small playground or a large playground, it must be constantly updated to improve the consumer experience. If you find that the amusement equipment you can play is still a fixed roller coaster, bumper car, car, how can you attract the interest of senior players. Of course, it does not mean that these classic old projects can be operated, and the new and old collocation can continuously introduce new customers. In 2020, SKP company Amusement Equipment Co. , Ltd. will successively develop more new amusement equipment, especially for tourist attractions, amusement parks and children's amusement parks, if you want to know more about amusement equipment and the planning and design of amusement scenic spots, please consult our customer service. This article is provided by Hong Tailang, the amusement customer service of SKP company. http://www . haibeiyoule. com/2018/huangjiamache_1018/506. HTML http://www . haibeiyoule. com/2018/huangjiamache_1018/506. HTML
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