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by:SKP     2020-02-14
The inflatable castle has a variety of shapes. According to the most popular cartoon images, combined with colorful colors, a variety of styles are produced. Its shape is novel, beautiful and generous, and its shape leads to infinite childlike interest. Let the children play happily. Wang Wang team mobilization, romantic ocean world, happy polar world, fantasy deep sea legend, adventurous dinosaur legend and happy dinosaur world, romantic surprise ocean, bring endless joy. The large, medium and small amusement equipment manufactured by our factory has superior performance, safety and reliability, beautiful appearance, high quality and low price, and has won the trust of new and old users everywhere. Product features of inflatable castles: 1. There are many shapes on inflatable castles that are thrilling and exciting, but as long as they are played according to the rules of the game, they are guaranteed. 2. Fun: the advantage of inflatable castle is that children can play their imagination actively and creatively and change passive play into active play. 3, durable: The material is durable, environmentally friendly and harmless, can play 12 to 140 thousand people. 4. Reasonable design: focus on personnel design, reasonable color matching, scientific modeling distribution, uniform stress, and no tearing phenomenon during normal use. 5. Convenience: The castle is large and small, and various combinations can be designed according to needs. After folding, it is small in size and convenient to transport. Inflatable castles are very popular with children. When children are playing inflatable castles, parents must educate their children on safety. When playing, choose the appropriate amusement facilities and tell the children not to release the protective device halfway during the operation of the equipment, jump away without authorization, or put their heads, hands and feet out of the protective fence. Keep calm when the amusement facilities fail, do not panic, call the police in time, and follow the arrangements of relevant staff to carry out correct rescue.
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