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by:SKP     2020-03-08
Bumper Car amusement equipment is a very exciting amusement project. Both adults and children like to play with it. This car can be played indoors or outdoors, if you operate indoors, you don't have to worry about the weather. If you operate outdoors, you will be affected by the weather? The following SKP company's amusement equipment bumper car manufacturers will share with you the factors that affect them.     Operating battery bumper cars outdoors in windy weather is very easy to affect the mood of tourists, and there are very few people who play in winter, when operating in winter, we need to warm up for a period of time to ensure our normal and safe operation. Generally speaking, we have more tourists in summer, and at this time, the number of maintenance and repair of bumper cars will also increase. For indoor businesses, the impact of these weather will be relatively small, however, the price of touching a car indoors will be more expensive and the investment will be more.     For businesses that operate ground network bumper cars, they should also stop running when they encounter thunderstorms. After the weather returns to normal, they should overhaul the lines of ground network bumper cars. The ground Net car needs to drive on the special ground, which is more powerful than the battery car. It is a kind of participatory entertainment equipment. The tourists drive in person, touch, rub, left and right, and it is impossible to prevent it, exciting and exciting.     The rules of the game of SKP company's amusement equipment bumper car are: the driver can shuttle through the driving vehicle at will or collide at will in the field to knock off the opponent's car. When the time is up, the operator turns off the power when the game is over. Technical parameters: Specifications: 1. 90 × 1. 10 × 0. 150, 2 passengers, 200 load limit, 24V working voltage, W power, can run continuously for 11 hours. Bumper Car is a kind of mobile game facilities, surrounded by rubber tires made of anti-collision buffer, a car can sit two people, with accelerated pedals, and steering wheel.
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