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by:SKP     2020-01-29
Children's amusement facilities, as a kind of toy with high interest, can attract children to play well. There are many series of outdoor children's amusement equipment and among the children's amusement equipment, children can also exercise their limbs by playing children's amusement facilities, so that children can grow up healthier. What are the children's play equipment suitable for the square?   1. Turn the horse. The horse is a common one in the amusement project, but its equipment is complex and covers a relatively large area. Suitable for relatively fixed venues ,. The investment income of the equipment is relatively high, which is a very suitable amusement equipment for Square operation.   2, inflatable castle, also known as inflatable trampoline. Inflatable Castle is a device that children like to play with, and it can be seen in almost all places. The equipment has low investment, low operating cost and small volume after deflation, which is very suitable for square sites.     3. The sailing plane is an entertainment equipment that is deeply loved by the majority of children. It has novel design, unique structure, safety and power saving, beautiful shape, novel lighting, beautiful music, and pressing buttons, you can also hear the gunshots of the battle. Not only can the children fully reflect the joy of dizziness, but also bring the children to the magical fighting atmosphere. It is really fun! 4, bungee jumping, bungee jumping is also a favorite amusement project for children. Children can jump and jump on the bungee net, and it is fun. Bungee jumping does not require electricity, charges are charged on time, and disassembly and assembly are convenient. In addition to the above, SKP company manufacturers have a variety of other styles, welcome to choose. For the amusement equipment industry, the park is the best place to operate. Because there is a huge flow of people in the park, no matter during the day or at night, there will be a lot of people who choose to walk in the park, which brings a huge flow of people to the amusement equipment and makes the business easier.
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