What are the fun toys suitable for kindergarten children, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-01-29
Kindergarten children's fun toys can not only promote cooperation between children, but also enhance the feelings between children, which plays an important role in promoting kindergarten education. Fun and fun toys become the key to kindergarten's first choice. Here are some interesting toys that woqi recommends to you. There is always one for you ~~ 1. Children's Bell digital jumping bag Guangzhou SKP company children's Bell digital jumping bag uses imported imitation leather cloth with woolen cloth color stripes inside, which is mainly suitable for children with sensitive touch and insufficient gravity. Guangzhou Haibei children's jumping belt mainly includes: Big Wheel boat, owl, love, poster, elephant, strawberry, little cat, lion and other pictures, Guangzhou Haibei children's jumping bag. 2. Stars holding the moon Guangzhou SKP company stars holding the moon has the advantages of being easy to carry, small in size, light in weight, wide in participants, beautiful in appearance, high in safety, comprehensive participation, rich in interactivity, viewing and integrating, and convenient in organization. ! 3. Obstacle inflatable Caterpillar Guangzhou SKP company is made of thickened Plato PVC mesh material, which is rich in standard color, nontoxic and odorless, anti-aging, safe and flame retardant, wear-resistant and durable.
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