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by:SKP     2020-02-12
How is the development of children's play equipment in the past two years? It is undeniable that under the opening of the national two-child policy, the economic value created by the children's amusement industry has made many investors look at it, combining the contemporary '4 2 1' family model with the prevalence of parent-child interaction education, parents are also willing to lead their children to experience joy in the amusement park on holidays. Under this kind of environment, the amusement industry has attracted many investors to join, so how should the relevant venues be chosen? The following small series will introduce you from the following three aspects. First, densely populated residential areas are a good choice. At present, urban housing is developing towards large communities, and many large-scale residential communities have been established in many cities. Adding amusement projects in such a relatively high population gathering area directly occupies the advantage of human flow. Especially in the evening, parents are willing to take their children down to play, so investors will choose more popular amusement projects with lighting effects. The second is to take advantage of the geographical location of a comprehensive shopping mall or square. The integrated comprehensive business district and square are the main way for contemporary people to travel. The venue suitable for family travel can naturally win a lot of customers. Don't ignore the huge value that this location can produce. The third is near the Children's Palace and the school. This stage can be said to be an accurate location. Most of the children gather in these areas. The Nature of the children is to play, and parents are willing to spend money to see the smiling faces of the children. These three regions are all very good on the whole. Investors can make comparative analysis according to the local actual situation and choose a suitable venue. In summary, the choice of amusement venues is nothing more than rent, people, and fixed consumer groups. If the venue is found, it is naturally not a business. Of course, we suggest you cooperate with professional amusement equipment manufacturers in the purchase of equipment, which can not only reduce the cost of getting goods from manufacturers in the middle, it can also be more timely and convenient in subsequent maintenance and overhaul.
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