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by:SKP     2020-02-05
With the rapid development of the economy, the market competition in all walks of life is becoming more and more fierce, and the amusement industry is no exception. So how to gain a firm foothold in the amusement industry, you still need to pay attention to these points, in order to make your amusement park site operation more handy, can easily profit in the era of changing information. First, understand the products you operate, regardless of the professionals in any industry, understand that the products you operate are both a respect for customers and responsible for yourself. Because customers buy products from you or consume your services, they all want to get profits or enjoy a pleasant experience, however, they still have a lot of vague understanding of the product or the service rules you provide. At this time, you need to guide them patiently. For example, the characteristics of the product, the matters needing attention in use, the methods to eliminate problems, and the repair and maintenance of the product, for the built-in items, the identification of good or bad quality requires a deeper and more accurate understanding. On the one hand, it shows the customer a professional attitude, and on the other hand, it makes sufficient preparations for different situations in the future use and operation process. Second, understand the conditions for the opening of the venue and the laws and regulations. Be sure to know whether the amusement equipment you want to operate is legal and compliant. There are many amusement equipment that are prohibited by national laws and regulations, there are also some certificates for operation and whether they are special equipment, etc. , which need to be consulted with the equipment provider in a timely manner and handled by the relevant departments in a timely manner, so that players can trust you more, thus forming a long-term stable consumer. Of course, we should also read more information about city regulations, economic regulations, labor regulations, social security, health, fire protection and other children's parks, to ensure the safety of children and playgrounds. Three, do a good job in product maintenance and repair work equipment site cleaning work is to be carried out every day, in addition to regular inspection of amusement equipment, to ensure that children will not have potential safety hazards during play, this will pave the way for the sustainable development of the amusement park.
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