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by:SKP     2020-02-11
What should parents pay attention to when children play inflatable castles? Trampoline is one of the most popular items in children's amusement equipment. Although it seems simple, it can not only bring joy to children, many aspects of children can be well exercised, but how should parents supervise and educate children who play trampoline for the first time? Woqi Xiaobian is less than giving you a few suggestions: first, let the children learn various postures on the trampoline, which is conducive to exercising their athletic ability and laying the foundation for the child's future. In addition, in the process of playing, teachers can integrate knowledge, such as the principle of air, elasticity, etc. in a simple language, encourage children to find answers, and the effect of entertaining is better. Children's amusement equipment needs to pay attention to the fact that individual children will be afraid during the activity. Teachers should be patient in counseling and take care of them to help children overcome their fear, until the child masters the game and feels fun. Children's amusement equipment pointed out that the game must pay attention to the protective measures around, and the teacher should manage the whole process to avoid accidents. The people take food as the sky, play safety as the first, safe, happy and healthy. When playing, the common wish of the players and operators, with the protection of the inflatable castle protective mat, your business will be hot, no worries! ! The size of the castle can be customized, friends quickly join the ranks of making money. This business is very good, children like it very much, this style is very cute, it is the style that children like.
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