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by:SKP     2020-03-14
Summer is a season where bacteria are more likely to breed, especially when children have weak resistance and are more likely to get sick. Therefore, parents must pay attention to health problems when taking their children to the playground, today, let's briefly introduce the hygiene problems that need to be paid attention to when playing children's entertainment facilities in amusement parks. Generally speaking, in the children's entertainment facilities area, the number of play is relatively large, the children's screening ability is weak, and sometimes they don't know that the children's entertainment facilities are dirty, some children's entertainment facilities may be unconsciously stuffed into the mouth, and even the immovable parts have certain health problems, it is not hygienic to do other things after the usual touch. In fact, indoor playgrounds generally have poor ventilation. If there is another problem with the hygiene of children's entertainment facilities, it is easy for children to be infected with bacteria. Children's entertainment facilities in children's playgrounds are usually touched by many different children and easily become channels for germs to spread. Many diseases that children are prone to infection, such as parasitic diseases, skin diseases, pink eye diseases, enteritis, etc. , are easily transmitted through daily contact. In addition, children's entertainment facilities are prone to bacteria if they are not disinfected in time. Children are likely to get sick after they are exposed to these germs while playing. Therefore, parents should pay attention to the choice of children's playgrounds with good sanitary conditions. Moreover, after the children have played, they should wash their hands and face their children in time to prevent infection. Related links: inflatable battery car robot pedal electric plush car bumper car rotating aircraft inflatable trampoline
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