What are the principles of children's paradise planning -? Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-24
In terms of planning and design, children's paradise has always adhered to the people-oriented design principle, safety first, entertainment second, so that children can learn knowledge in happiness and grow up healthily. First, the integrity. Children are the future flowers of the motherland. At this time, they are vulnerable groups that are more vulnerable. Therefore, children's amusement parks must put safety first. Under normal circumstances, the location of the children's activity venue should be far away from the roadway and the public places where the surrounding environment is relatively messy and the personnel are complex and highly mobile, and the children's activity venue should not lose contact with the surrounding environment, become a visual corner to prevent vehicles and crimes from threatening children. In addition, attention should also be paid to the completeness of movable equipment and the safety of detailed design of children's amusement equipment, and no dangerous protrusions (Such as nails and bolts, etc) , Extrusion points, sharp edges, sharp corners and openings that may jam children's heads and fingers to avoid accidental injuries during children's activities. What are the planning and design principles for children's amusement parks? Second, child-oriented. Our design and planning concept should focus on how to make children have fun and parents can rest assured. Therefore, the design of activity space and the arrangement of game facilities should conform to the physical characteristics and activity scale of children groups, for example, because children's height is obviously different from that of adults, the barrier that some adults can easily see often completely blocks a 3--- The sight of 5-year-old children, and some tables and chairs suitable for adults are completely inconvenient for children. Therefore, when designing for children, special attention must be paid to the sight and body dimensions of children when walking, running, climbing and crawling in the activity venue. Third, education is fun. We need to be clear about the demand of children's activity diversity, so we should try our best to integrate participation, diversity, knowledge and interest in the aspect of design, so as to create a relaxing, natural and full-featured activity place for children, and give a certain cultural connotation, so that the environment has'Entertaining and entertaining' The potential role of the children in the play to increase knowledge and healthy growth.
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