What are the publicity methods of children's paradise -? Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-24
The operation of the children's paradise cannot be separated from publicity. Only when the promotion of the children's paradise is well done and is well known by most people can the children's paradise have customers. 1. According to the characteristics of the children's paradise, understand the needs of the children, make special posters, and distribute leaflets around the park to attract customers. 2. Cooperate and interact with institutions related to the nature of children, and at the same time establish a paradise member file for better service and promotion in the later period. The corporate culture is instilled in every customer, instilling the corporate culture and integrating our culture into his life. Use the convenience of the Internet to promote your own paradise. For example, editing WeChat copy and sending small videos on TikTok. Establish a customer management system. Every customer who has consumed will be pulled into the customer management system, such as WeChat group and QQ group, to facilitate secondary sales. Advantages of naughty Castle amusement facilities 4. Make good use of 'free' derivative consumption, use people's psychology of preferential promotion, and carry out preferential programs for parent-child activities to promote people's consumption. Launch price promotion activities or creative activities from time to time to stimulate consumption, understand the current situation of target customers, maximize word-of-mouth publicity, and realize the transformation from sales promotion to marketing.
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