What are the regular manufacturers of bumper cars in the square? , Industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-05
There are a lot of bumper car amusement equipment in Guangzhou, such as: Tank bumper car, BMW bumper car, most of the Tigers, cows, bumper cars, airplane bumper cars, Thomas bumper cars, police cars, bumper cars, etc. can be seen in public places such as squares, playgrounds, parks, etc. Bumper cars and amusement equipment have basically been played by everyone, it is a gold artifact in the Square amusement equipment! What are the styles and differences of bumper cars in Guangzhou? First, the Tiger cow bumper car Tiger cow bumper car is the company's new square toy car, three generations of controllers, equipped with anti-collision strips, mushroom light version, cute shape, very popular with square children, selling all over the country and overseas markets. 1. Scope of use: shopping centers, parks, squares, scenic spots, amusement parks 2. The tiger cow bumper car is powered by two 12V20A batteries (Real super power battery)Long battery life. 3. Haibei Tiger cow bumper car uses brushless motor to mute, has long service life, wear-resistant tires and reliable quality. 4. Haibei Tiger cow bumper car uses polyurethane environmental protection anti-collision strip, 5. The Haibei Tiger cow bumper car has three-dimensional sound effects and bright LED lights.
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