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by:SKP     2020-02-13
Glass fiber reinforced plastic is often used in amusement equipment, and it has also become an important reference to measure the quality and value of a type of equipment. In a word, the better the FRP used in the equipment you produce, the more customers you will win, and the more you will be able to sell. In this era of cost performance when quality determines price, major amusement manufacturers have begun to strive for perfection in production technology. The following small series will introduce to you what are the requirements for glass fiber reinforced plastic parts in use. For glass fiber reinforced plastic parts, the requirements on its appearance and coating are strict, especially in its shape, decorations and paint patterns, its appearance has no basic problems such as bruises, scratches, cracks and roughness. Not only that, for its electroplated parts, its surface should be kept bright, free of scratches and exposed bottoms, and the metal exposed parts should not be rusted. Rust and other dirt must be removed before coating, and the inner surface of the open metal component shall be coated with a thickness of 60-- 80μm antirust paint, the exposed surface of metal parts must be coated with antirust paint and spray paint, and the coating thickness should be 100--150 μ m. In addition, the coating should not have obvious defects such as sagging, wrinkling, shedding, cracks and missing coating. In addition to this aspect, what should be paid attention to during the installation of amusement equipment? At the stage of installation, cracks, damages, obvious repair marks, unevenness, inconsistent color tones and other defects are not allowed on the surface of glass fiber reinforced plastic parts, and the corners should be smooth. Moreover, in the application process of amusement equipment, it is necessary to do a good job in the treatment of the Edge part. Only smooth and smooth without obvious layering is a good glass fiber reinforced plastic part. In the process of use, the connection between the glass fiber reinforced plastic parts and the metal frame must be firm, the rivet position should be reasonably arranged during riveting, and the bolt connection should have anti-loosening device. Only by doing these things well can we call it the high-quality and cheap glass fiber reinforced plastic parts in the amusement equipment!
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