What are the safety regulations for indoor children's parks? - Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-22
All the design of indoor children's playground equipment should be based on safety first, aiming at cultivating and exercising children's physique and adventurous spirit. The safety guarantee of indoor children's playground equipment includes the environmental selection of children's playground, the safety of children's playground equipment, the sanitation and disinfection treatment of children's playground equipment, and the regulation of children's playground system and management mode. First, the amusement equipment of the children's paradise should be placed in a place where the light is bright and there is no visual corner. Second, the amusement equipment of the children's park must maintain a safe enough distance between them, which can effectively prevent children from accidentally falling into other amusement facilities. The material of the children's paradise equipment must be safe and undamaged! The ground material must be soft enough and thick enough, and anti-skid material must be used on the material to avoid slipping during chasing. Third, health is also particularly important in public places of the type of children's paradise. Children's resistance is often weak, and public facilities are originally high-risk areas for infectious diseases. Cleaning and disinfection of equipment is another important guarantee for parents. Fourth, whether the operation of the children's paradise can be carried out smoothly is directly related to the standardization of the children's paradise system and management mode. A paradise with standardized system and management can not only make its own operation and management well organized and get twice the result with half the effort, but also bring intangible confidence to consumers. How to choose children's amusement equipment for small and medium-sized parks?
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