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by:SKP     2020-02-23
Royal carriage configuration: Battery: 20A Chaowei battery 4 motors: 500W brushless motor material: glass fiber reinforced plastic vehicle weight: 200 maximum load: 180 Maximum speed: m/min function: forward, backward, high and low speed, braking, remote control key double start, radar anti-collision all walks of life are developing, small and medium-sized amusement equipment is also increasingly pursuing excellence. All kinds of small and medium-sized amusement equipment are also unwilling to lag behind. They are updated on the basis of the original equipment and pursue more perfect amusement equipment products. Everything is for the benefit of customers, small and medium-sized amusement equipment products have also become children's childhood playmates. Small and medium-sized amusement equipment is one of the amusement equipment products that children must play when they are children. This product can be seen in parks, playgrounds, plazas and other amusement places, and it is also very popular among children. Small and medium-sized amusement equipment surfing spin boat is a mini version of the roller coaster track type of entertainment. The track imitates the shape of the wave. There is a large disc on the curved and undulating track. The tourists are sitting around with their backs, after the equipment is started, accompanied by rhythmic music, the rotating boat itself rotates 360 degrees around the body, and at the same time it will fluctuate up and down with the form of the track, or tilt left and right, passengers are like being in the sea, floating in the wind, very thrilling, driving along the track for a week, making tourists scream. This equipment is suitable for operation in playgrounds, parks, squares and other places. Our company can customize production according to customer's requirements. Welcome to contact customer service Xiao Yang 18937803869
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