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by:SKP     2020-02-06
What do you need to pay attention to when riding children's amusement equipment? On holidays, the luxury horse-turning amusement park will be particularly lively. So, what should children pay attention to when they are riding children's amusement equipment? First, in the child's dress, do not give the child too loose clothes or clothes with ropes and too many decorations, because these clothes have hidden dangers when children take children's amusement equipment. Loose clothes or clothes with ropes are likely to accidentally clip into the gap of the amusement equipment during the operation of the amusement equipment, which is easy to bring harm to children. Clothes with too many decorations may sometimes have decorations falling off and luxury horses getting stuck in the amusement equipment, which will cause the amusement equipment to malfunction and bring hidden dangers to children's safety. Preventive measures: 1) Relevant personnel should do a good job in daily, monthly and annual inspection, maintain the electrical system and replace damaged components in time. 2) The replaced components shall conform to the requirements of the product specification and strictly control the product quality. 3) Operators should operate in strict accordance with the procedures, pay attention to the operation of the electrical system at any time, and stop the machine for overhaul immediately if there is any abnormal phenomenon. 4) Strengthen the safe operation training for operators and master the emergency operation methods skillfully. 5) Regularly inspect and maintain spare equipment and ambulance supplies to keep them in good condition. 6) Regularly organize relevant personnel to conduct emergency plan exercises. In order to ensure the safety of electricity in amusement parks, mobile electrical equipment such as floor fans and hand drills must be installed and used with leakage protection switches. The leakage protection switch should be checked frequently. The luxury transfer horse should try to jump at least once a month. If there is any failure, replace it immediately. After the fuse is blown or the leakage protection switch is tripped, the cause should be found out, and the fault can be eliminated before the power transmission can be resumed. When the children are riding the amusement equipment, try not to let the children carry easily dropped items, such as water cups, small toys, etc. Because once these items fall, they will not only hurt the children and parents waiting next to the amusement equipment, but also cause certain faults or damage to the amusement equipment, thus endangering the personal safety of the children. Before the children take the children's play equipment, parents must see clearly the conditions of the children's play equipment to avoid unnecessary harm to the children. What are the factors that affect the service life of children's amusement equipment? Nowadays, the competitiveness of the amusement equipment industry has increased sharply. How can Zhejiang luxury transfer horse factory direct sales ensure that their own amusement parks are in an advantage in the competition? The first thing to note is that the equipment in the playground should be rich and novel enough to attract more correct customers. The second is to do a good job in the maintenance of amusement equipment, luxury horses to avoid problems in the use process, affecting the service life of the equipment.
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